Refrigerant Recharge Service

We can easily check the refrigerant levels in your HVAC unit today.

Maintaining Your HVAC Unit

Don’t wait until the middle of any season to schedule an inspection of your HVAC unit. If cool air is lacking, you may need a refrigerant recharge. To determine this, contact All About Heat & Air at 828-778-2560. A licensed technician will be out to inspect your unit. Rely on us for a refrigerant recharge of your Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC unit.

Refrigerant Recharge and More

Your HVAC system needs to operate properly in order for it to last the entire length of its lifespan. If you are noticing issues with your system, you may need to contact us, 828-778-2560, to schedule an inspection. The refrigerant is used to absorb the heat out of the air. It helps to cool your home, but a leak can affect multiple aspects of your home. It can be difficult to identify a coolant leak, but there are a few signs to look for.

  • Room Temperature Air: When the vents in your home seem to be blowing warm or even room temperature air, it may be a sign you need a refrigerant recharge.
  • Frozen Units: Frost build up in the middle of the summer is a sure sign of a coolant leak. Call us if you notice this or suspect a leak to be present in your unit.
  • Thermostat Malfunction: Sometimes a coolant or refrigerant leak can affect the thermostat. Reset the thermostat to see if it updates and reflects the correct temperature. If not, you may need to call us for a recharge or repair.

It is important to allow a trained and experienced technician to handle any coolant or refrigerant repairs. Anyone with All About Heat & Air has the necessary experience and can efficiently perform a refrigerant recharge.

Let us help with any of your HVAC needs.

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When you need a refrigerant recharge in Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC, call on All About Heat & Air. We have the experience and dedication to provide quality service. Let us help keep your home cool as well as protecting your investment. Contact us at 828-778-2560 to schedule an appointment with us today.