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What is a High Velocity Mini-Duct System?

A high-velocity mini duct system operate similarly to your traditional HVAC system. The high-velocity system operates with a heating and cooling core, that will heat your home in the winter and keep it cool in the summer. Aside from that, there are more differences than similarities. Traditional HVAC systems have huge amounts of duct work, with vents that are about 5 inches tall and a foot wide. High-velocity systems, however, have vents that are only about 5 inches all around. This system utilizes much smaller ductwork, known as skinny tubing. The tubing is about 2 inches in diameter and incredibly flexible.

High-velocity mini duct systems are great for newly built homes, but the team with All About Heat & Air can easily and efficiently retrofit any home for this system. If you are considering a high-velocity mini duct installation for your Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC property, contact us today at 828-778-2560.

High Velocity Mini-Duct Installation, Repair, and Replacement

When considering a new HVAC system, the high-velocity mini duct system is a sound investment. As mentioned before, the skinny tubing is only 2 inches in diameter. This allows us to easily perform a high-velocity mini duct installation in new homes as well as existing homes. Call All About Heat & Air today, 828-778-2560, to schedule an appointment for installation.

If you already have this system in your home, we can still help. Even if we didn’t install the duct system, we have the experience and tools to perform inspections as well as high-velocity mini duct repairs. One of the things that can be viewed as a downside to this alternative duct system, is that you do need an HVAC company that is experienced with high-velocity mini duct systems. That is why All About Heat & Air has worked hard to establish ourselves as a full-service plumbing and HVAC company.

High-velocity systems don't have the large, bulky ductwork.

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