Mini Split AC System Installation

Make your home more energy efficient with a mini-split AC system installation.

Why Choose a Mini Split System?

Do you want better indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort in your home? A mini split AC system might be the best air conditioning system for you! Mini split systems are essentially what they sound like. Rather than have one large unit that feeds through your entire house, a split system involves one small outside compressor/condenser and several small to medium inside units. This particular set up allows for homeowners to individually control the temperature in each room, as well as have the ability to hear and cool rooms. It is easy to execute a mini split AC system installation in a Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC property, especially when you work with All About Heat & Air. Call us today, 828-778-2560, to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Mini Split AC System Repair

If you have a mini split system, it’s important to know when repair service is needed. Putting off repairs will only make the problem worse, so if you notice any of these signs, call us today for mini split AC system repair in Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC.

  • Ice Forming On System: Ice forming on the mini split system is not normal and should be repaired right away. It is probably due to the evaporator coil not being clean enough.
  • Not Enough Heat: There are a couple of reasons why your mini split ac system is producing heat–either there is a leak or there is something wrong with the reverse valve.
  • Grinding Noise: If you hear grinding noises coming from the system, or any other strange sound, call us for repair service.
Our team is experienced with all mini-split AC system needs and concerns.

Call Us for More Information

A mini split AC system is great for homes new and old. The team at All About Heat & Air can easily fit this system on older homes as well as brand new homes in development. Whatever your needs are, we are the team you will want to work with for installation and repair service. Call us at 828-778-2560 to discuss a mini split AC installation or repair in your Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC home. We not only have years of experience, but a dedication to quality service and great customer service.