Oil Furnace Maintenance

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Professional Maintenance You Can Count On

Do you have in oil furnace in your home? Are you in need of expert maintenance? If so, call the licensed and insured technicians at All About Heat & Air for oil furnace maintenance in Mills River and Asheville, NC. This is a type of furnace that isn’t as common as gas and electric, so its important you hire an HVAC company who has the skills and experience required to maintain this type of heating system. Fortunately, our team of HVAC technicians have the knowledge to keep your oil furnace working as efficiently as possible. As part of our maintenance, we do the following.

  • Check and clean for soot buildup.
  • Replace or clean oil filter.
  • Examine the fan belt.
  • Ensure the blower motor fittings are lubricated.
  • Clean the draft regulator, stack control, and burner nozzle.
  • Check to the fuel tank, pump, air tubes, electrodes, and other elements in the oil furnace.
  • Make sure smoke coming from the chimney is a normal color.

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When is Oil Furnace Maintenance Needed

When it comes to oil furnace maintenance, it needs to be done more often than both electric and gas furnaces. The reason being is that oil furnaces accumulate a lot of soot; because of this, it will need to be cleaned more often to ensure that the furnace is running properly. It is recommended that an oil furnace get professional maintenance twice a year, both times when your oil furnace is in use. As part of our oil furnace maintenance in Mills River and Asheville, NC, we will make sure to provide preventative maintenance or maintenance that requires us to fix or replace an element within the furnace. For more information, give us a call today.

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If you are interested in setting up a time for oil furnace maintenance in Mills River and Asheville, NC, please call All About Heat & Air! We will be able to thoroughly maintain your oil furnace and ensure it is functioning as it should. Contact us today at 828-778-2560 to speak with an HVAC technician about scheduling an appointment.