Central Heating System Repair

We can repair any central heating system you may have in your home.

Central Heating Repair and Replacement Services

No matter the season, it can be highly valuable to have your central heating system inspected. In fact, it is actually recommended to have your system inspected at least twice a year. Once in the spring, before the hot summer months, and again in the fall before the colder winter months. Doing this can help you and technicians stay on top of any potential problems, preventing further damage to your unit and property.

When you do need repairs, make sure that you are working with the best. All About Heat & Air has a team of high qualified and experienced technicians. We have extensive knowledge on every central heating system and the components that go into each of them. Call us at 828-778-2560 when you need central heating system repairs for your Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC home.

Things to Look For

Because of the many moving parts within central heating units, it is highly recommended to rely on an experienced technician to make any repairs. Anyone with All About Heat & Air is experienced and licensed to work on central heating repairs in Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC as well as the surrounding areas. Our technicians will come out to perform an inspection of your unit looking over things, including:

  • Check filters: Filters can easily get clogged with dust and debris. Regularly cleaning and replacing them will help keep your HVAC unit efficient.
  • Clean/dust the combustion chamber: A technician will check this and remove any buildup that may have collected.
  • Inspect/clean the blower belt: To do this, the blower area is vacuumed out and the belt itself is tested for proper tension and condition.
  • Change the oil: For oil-powered units, the oil needs to be changed regularly.
  • Inspect/replace valves and pipes: All heating units have pipes, valves, and gauges that need to be checked often.

If you are concerned about your central heating unit, there are a few things you can look for to determine if repairs are necessary. Homeowners are encouraged to keep a heating system maintenance checklist on hand to reference every season. Whichever central heating system you have, a forced-air system, or an oil/gas-powered, it’s always good to look at the filters, vents, connections, and valves. It is not recommended to make any repairs on your own. Instead, rely on experienced technicians, like those with All About Heat & Air, to expertly make repairs. Contact us, 828-778-2560, to schedule an appointment.

Whatever your needs are, we have the team and experience to help you.

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When you need central heating system repairs in Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC, look no further than All About Heat & Air. We are here to help. Call us today, 828-778-2560, to learn more about our services.