How SEO Improved All About Plumbing’s Web Presence

You may think a keyword like septic service mills river nc is inconsequential for plumbing websites, but you’re mistaken. With thousands of similar keywords combined, lead generation becomes more accessible and more potent. As a plumber in Hendersonville, NC, improving our web presence became a priority in January 2019. it was at that point we invested in plumbing SEO to improve our rankings.

SEO is not a magic bullet, but it has improved our web presence substantially over the last several years. Since last year, Google Search Console Data verifies our organic growth, increasing by 84.2105% for monthly clicks. We now receive over 400 clicks within each 28-day interval. We’ve seen increased call volume as a result and a better overall online presence. 

Organic Growth

Ranking for Long-Tail Keywords

One of the significant SEO factors that helped us is service pages and long-tail keywords. We categorize these concepts together since it is in-depth service pages that allow us to rank for long-tail keywords. You see, every plumber wants to rank for general keyword terms like a plumber in location. However, the fundamental separating factors come from secondary services like emergency plumbing, slab leak repair, and septic tank cleaning. Additionally, ranking for long-tail terms gives you a greater chance of ranking for your primary terms as well.

Location is Everything

As a local plumbing company, SEO value comes from local clicks. A click from someone in New York City won’t help us in North Carolina, so our website gets optimized for local search. Of course, ranking in the local map pack is a big reason why we generate local clicks. We know that Google’s local algorithm considers proximity, relevance, and prominence. We achieve all three by developing reviews for our Google My Business listing and creating high-quality content on our primary website (our GMB links to the website). 

SEO is an Ongong Process

SEO is not a plug-and-play proposition. Instead, SEO requires consistent tasks and maintenance. For example, Google’s standards evolve with each algorithm update. Google now expects websites to load faster than ever before, which is why technical SEO remains critical. Similarly, Google better understands keywords and user intent so that websites must present the best possible content at all times. At All About Plumbing, we stay on top of the latest SEO trends to remain in the best-ranking positions. 

From SEO to Conversions

Ranking for keywords alone won’t help our plumbing company. It is only when conversions take place that SEO proves worthwhile to our business. That’s why our website features calls to action to help consumers get in contact with us. Ultimately, we do SEO to help the customer find our services. Our #1 priority is always the customer and providing the best plumbing services possible. We can do that at our best when consumers easily find us through Google Search, something we can thank search engine optimization for this year.