What is trenchless sewer line repair?

trenched sewer repair

What does trenchless mean?

North Carolina is a beautiful place to call home. Until the sewer line breaks or backs up. Fortunately, one fear every homeowner has about sewer line problems can be avoided today – A destroyed lawn. Today, plumbers have a new technology, trenchless plumbing, enables them to find where the problem area is and a way to fix it – all without destroying your landscaping! 

With the new technology today, advanced trenchless plumbing means you may not have to sacrifice your landscaping to have your sewer line repaired or replaced!  Trenchless plumbing is a technology where the plumbing crew does most of the work underground with few or no trench digging on the surface.  Trenchless plumbing is the latest in plumbing technology that uses equipment and new techniques to make things happen without disturbing your lawn. 

What is trenchless plumbing?

Trenchless sewer installation is the process of connecting or replacing the sewer line from your home to the main sewer line without damaging or destroying your landscaping. The following are some details explaining a trenchless plumbing which includes pipe bursting and pipe lining:

  • The pipe bursting process is the existing (damaged) pipe is busted up by a machine with a new sewer pipe going in right behind that process. This is done with two holes, one for entry into the home and one for entry to the main sewer line. 
  • The pipe lining process is the installing a new flexible pipe that is coated with trenchless sewer epoxy resin is blown or pushed into the old pipe. Once the new pipe is in position, it is then inflated with a hardening agent that creates a new hardened pipe inside the old pipe. The diameter is minimized by a quarter of an inch, which doesn’t have any negative impact on the drainage system. 

Does trenchless sewer repair work?

There are two downsides to trenchless sewer main replacement method. One is the cost; It is more expensive because the equipment and expertise training the plumber must got through. The second downside is the trenchless plumbing method is always possible. 

For trenchless plumbing, the plumber will need access to the plumbing at the house and at the main sewer line. If they can’t access or there is any difficulty, they will need to go through the old school trenching replacement.

Let’s review the strong positives about trenchless plumbing that far outweigh the cost factor:

  • Better quality: Using this state-of-the-art equipment with quality materials by an experienced plumber, you’ll get a durable and quality pipe system that is resistant to corroding, cracking, rusting, and tree roots.
  • Time-Efficient: The new trenchless plumbing takes a few hours versus days with the old school way. 
  • Less Expensive: Yes, we listed the cost as downside, but it is overall less expensive, up to 75% for the labor costs because it takes less time. 
  • Versatile: Old school plumbing used materials that couldn’t be flexible, like cast iron, clay, concrete, or orangeburg. The new trenchless plumbing method can work with all types of pipes, making repair and replacement easier. 
  • Eco-Friendly: In addition to financial savings, you’ll be a part of saving the planet with this environment-friendly trenchless plumbing sewer line repair process.
  • Durable: Trenchless plumbing uses epoxy resin line pipes. It is an efficient and non-invasive process that will last up fifty years. 

Does pipe relining work?

Yes, the resin hardens once it has been installed then forms a pipe inside the damaged pipe. It may seem the plumber isn’t doing much because it all take place under the surface of your lawn. That is the magic of trenchless plumbing!  Little fuss and little mess! 

How much does it cost to fix a broken sewer pipe?

On average, homeowners needing sewer line repair will spend anywhere from $1100 up to as much as $4100 or more. For a complete sewer line replacement, the cost can range between $3,000 and up to $25,000. The cost is effective by factors such as how long the sewer line, where the damage is located, and how severe the problem. 

sewer line system

Ten Symptoms Of Deteriorating Sewer Line

When you start noticing any of the following, there is a possibility of a broken or cracked sewage line.  Call a professional plumber to inspect and provide a detailed quote of what it will to repair the line. 

  • Regular sewage backups and blockages
  • A sewer gas odor
  • Mold growth 
  • Slow drains
  • Patches of extra green and lush grass
  • Indentation in driveway, lawn, or sidewalks
  • Cracking, settling foundation or sink holes
  • Pooling sewage waste in yard 
  • Abundance of insects and rodents

A busted sewer line can create more problem from the above listed things. For instance, a cracked or settling foundation can lead to more plumbing breaking. The sewer gas odor can make your family ill, just as the mold can make aggravate allergies and asthma. Need help with your sewer line in Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC? Call 828-778-2425 today.