What are the Signs that Your Septic Tank is Full?

Septic tank being pumped

What is the Current Condition of Your Septic Tank?

There are many homes on the outskirts of Mills River, North Carolina, that are not on the city sewer system. Instead, they have septic tanks, and while they may have the same quality of life in these rural areas, some things are different. Such as they need regular septic tank cleaning services. 

How septic tanks are cleaned?

Septic tank cleaning isn’t like cleaning your bathtub. It takes specialized equipment with vacuum trucks that are operated by a septic tank specialist. The technician will remove the lid on the septic tank and insert a heavy-duty hose that is attached to a truck-mounted tank. 

They then insert that hose into the septic tank where it vacuums the sludge that is at the bottom of the various septic compartments. Once they have emptied all the compartments, they will use those specialized tools that act like a spoon and scrap the walls of the tank clean. 

After the removal of the effluent, the septic tank cleaning hasn’t been completed yet. The technician will use a water jetting process to rinse the interior of the tank thoroughly.  With this step completed, the technician will then perform an inspection, looking for any physical damage. This includes checking the: 

  • Baffles
  • Filters
  • Outlets

…. as well as checking for any cracks in the tanks.

The last step of the septic tank cleaning process is the technician inspecting the drainfield. This is where the liquid coming from the septic tank should escape in a properly working septic system. If there is water draining back into the septic tank, this indicates a problem within the septic system. 

At this point, the technician will check the pump and outlets, and then check for any broken lines between the drainfield and the septic tank. If they find any issues, they will advise the homeowner and offer a quote to make repairs or replacements needed. 

What if those repairs or replacements aren’t done? 

If the homeowner chooses not to proceed with the technician’s recommendations, they are at risk of their septic system not working properly. It may result in the wastewater backing up into the home because it can’t escape into the drainfield as intended. This can be a health issue for the occupants of the house. No matter how often septic tank cleaning is performed, if any of the parts of the septic system aren’t working properly, it will never work properly.

How often should I pump my septic tank?

Commonly, the recommendation for septic tank cleaning frequency is between three and five years, or if there have been any problems with the septic system. With each septic tank cleaning, after the specialist’s inspection, they will advise of any issues they found and make any recommendations if septic tank cleaning should be more frequent. 

Following a routine of regular septic tank cleaning will prolong the lifespan and service life of the septic tank system. Following through with any recommended repairs or replacements will lessen the need for future costly repairs, and it helps keep the home healthy with a proper working septic system. 

How much is a septic tank cleaning? 

When you own a home, some details must be budgeted and completed to keep your home in proper working order. And when you’re on a septic system, that includes following a schedule of septic tank cleaning. 

A septic tank cleaning can cost between $300 and $700, more if any repairs are needed or any components need to be replaced. There are a few factors that affect this cost: 

  • The septic tank size
  • The usage of the septic system
  • Any repairs or replacements

Does a septic tank cleaning require be done by a specialist?  

Absolutely!  A homeowner will not have access to the powerful vacuum system that a septic tank cleaning specialist has on their truck. Nor will they know what should be inspected and making any repairs or replacements needed. 

What are the signs that your septic tank is full?

The indications that you need to schedule a septic tank cleaning are similar to when a home on a city sewer system has a broken sewer line, which is: 

  • Backed Up Drains.
  • Gurgling Sounds In Drains.
  • Water Slow to Drain.
  • Bad Odors In and Around the Home.
  • Pools and Puddles of Water in the Yard.
  • Increase of Flies Along The Drainfield.
  • Green, Lush Grass Along Septic Lines.

Keep Things Flowing

As a homeowner with a septic system, cleaning the system should be considered a necessity to keep your home healthy and safe.  Ask the septic tank specialist for advice that will keep the septic system in proper working order, such as what should not be poured or flushed into the system. 

These are the same things that are recommended with any home on city sewer system such avoid pouring FOG into the kitchen drain and flushing diapers or wipes down the toilet. For septic tank cleaning in Hendersonville, Mills River and Asheville, NC, call us now at 828-778-2425!