How Effective is Hydro Jetting?

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See How Hydro Jetting Can Be Used

When you find yourself with hard to unclog lines or recurring issues with your pipes it might be time to implement more powerful methods of clearing lines. Hydro jetting is a great method that is effective in clearing out clogged sewer and main plumbing lines due to water pressures with enough PSI to clear both commercial and domestic pipelines. Ultimately, hydro jetting can be used for multiple purposes, get in touch with your local plumbing company to see how these services can work for your property. Here is some general background information regarding hydro jetting that may prove useful to you until then.

What does Hydro jetting mean?

Hydro jetting refers to a power hose that is used by professional plumbers to clean clogged or slow moving plumbing lines. A high pressurized hose is able to snake through piping systems and remove build up and any blockages. 

How does a Hydro Jetter work?

With hydro jetting, a flexible hose is connected to storage tanks which have functions to alter the pressure being delivered with water; typically about 35,000 PSI is delivered. A nozzle is connected to the head of the hose and blasts water in the front in order to clear a pathway for the hose to travel down plumbing lines. Additionally, there are two other openings that jet water out from behind at an angle on the sides of the nozzle in order clear buildup on the walls or sides of the pipe.  

Is Hydro Jetting worth it?

Hydro jetting is worth it when there are more extensive or heavier clogs with your main water or sewage lines. The high pressurized hose will be able to tackle the pipe at all angles which can provide a thorough pipe cleaning process.

Is Hydro Jetting safe for pipes?

Hydro jetting won’t damage your pipes as there are not any chemicals involved and it’s just water that’s being used. However, hydro jetting is best used with professionals who are trained to determine the right level of water pressure that should be used with pipes of certain materials or age. Hydro jetting is not recommended with pipes that have been damaged like with cracks, in some other way, or if pipes are very old as seen with older homes.

Cleaning and unblocking septic system and draining pipes.

How do you know if your main drain is clogged?

  • Your drains are all running slowly, despite your best efforts to clear them.
  • Several plumbing fixtures are clogged at the same time.
  • When you flush the toilet, water backs up into or comes up in the tub or shower.
  • When you run water in the bathroom sink, the toilet bubbles and gurgles.
  • When your washing machine drains, the toilet overflows or water backs up in the tub or shower.

Can you hydrojet a toilet?

Hydro jetting with a toilet should only be used when a standard plumbers snake won’t clear certain types of clogs. This can be seen with heavy grease and sludge or tree roots that have build up over time. Essentially a plumbing snake is the ideal option for slow-draining plumbing lines or removing routine blockage as seen with too much toilet paper or food getting stuck in your sink drians.

Does Hydro jetting work on roots?

Hydro jetting is a good tool to use for clearing debris and roots out of clay or PVC sewer pipes. The high pressurized water will chop up the roots that have infiltrated the pipe and clear out the debris more effectively than any physical method that would be used.

How often should you hydrojet?

Hydro jetting can be used as a good preventive measure for keeping your sewer lines cleaned and can be used as a maintenance measure every 18-22 months. However, if you’re experiencing recurring problems with your plumbing lines there may be more serious issues that the system is facing and it may be best to schedule a video camera inspection to determine if any repairs or replacements should be conducted.

How much does Hydro jetting pipes cost?

Typically hydro jetting can cost anywhere from a few to a couple of hundred dollars for standard blockages and the job can range in price depending on the severity of the issue, the area where you live, or the location of the clog in the drain or pipeline. With extreme cases or more complicated jobs you may see prices increase to several hundreds of dollars.

Is a blocked drain covered by insurance?

Blocked drains can be claimed with your insurance if the blockage was a result of something out of your control such as with a landslip or subsidence. Yet any issue that may have formed with improper use will not likely be something your insurance will cover. It’s always best to be familiar with your policy so make sure to get in contact with your insurance company so that you’re prepared for the future. 

Get in Contact With Your Local Plumbing Company

If you’re interested in incorporating hydro jetting services with your property make sure to get in touch with your local qualified plumbing company. With trained plumbers you’ll be able to have the right adjustments made with hydro jetting so that your plumbing lines can be handled with skill and safety in mind. Incorporating hydro jetting can be a great method of maintaining your plumbing lines and clearing particularly severe blockages. Clear your main water and sewer lines today with hydro jetting.

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