An Introduction to All About Plumbing


Video Transcription

Jeremy: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn. I’ve got to Alex Wilson with me with All About Plumbing & Septic. You guys are a local septic and plumbing company. Let’s talk about your background because, quite often, when people call a plumbing company, they’re wondering what kind of company they’re calling.

Alex: Okay. Sure. We started about eight years ago as a family business. I own the business with three of my sons. Actually, one of my son’s is a plumber and I have a business background and been in business all my life. And two of my other sons had business backgrounds. Basically, there’s a lot of plumbers out there who are good plumbers, but not good businessmen.

That’s the difference between All about Plumbing and other companies. Myself and two of my sons run the business and my other son he takes care of running the plumbing division and keeping up with our plumbers. So, not only we do we have the business side, but we also have the plumbing experience.

And it works out really well because a lack of experience is one of the biggest problems with the service industry. You might be good at what you do. You might be a great plumber, but they’re not good businessmen. Quite often, other plumbing companies run into problems when they try to grow.

Taking care of customers is the key as you grow. You get more requests and have to take care of more and more of your customers. So, you have to grow your business and give same say service to your customers like they deserve and service your newest customers as well.

Jeremy: Well, thanks a lot for explaining your background. If anyone has any questions, you can call All About Plumbing and Septic at 828-778-2425 or go to to learn more.